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Grand Princess


  The Grand Princess Cruise ship was built in Italy, is 951 feet long, has a tonnage of 109,000, 14 passenger decks, and capacity  for 2600 passengers.

Our cabin was high up, had a balcony, and was reasonably spacious and comfortable. There was a choice of dining rooms, though we mainly used self service. Although there were a lifts a plenty, using them was often a frustratingly slow and uncomfortable experience.

There was a wide choice of entertainment, though some was of dubious quality, rather reminiscent of the Butlins Holiday camps of the 1950's. Certainly it was not up to the standard of entertainment on our previous year's cruise with Ocean Village.

But for us, the main attraction of the cruise was the opportunity to visit Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. And that really proved to be a success. 






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