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1. Our visit to Sirmione was towards the end of a day long organized "Tour of the Lake" and was most enjoyable, though the town was very busy.

2. We visited Desenzano for the market. We found little else of interest.

3. Peschera was a quaint walled town, where we aimed to spend an hour or so, but spent three. It took us a long time to find the bus departure point, not even the Tourist Office could direct us, and when we did find it , we discovered that the bus we had intended to catch back to Garda had ceased to run a week earlier. We caught the last boat back instead.

Above: SIRMIONE..(6 views) PESCHIERA (4 views) DESENZANO (1 view) and a boat journey from Desenzano to Peschiera through the mist (1 view)


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