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 Bardolino Sunset

Our first night in Bardolino was notable for a heavy thunderstorm, and the second day, Thursday 21st September 2000, was overcast with occasional showers. But although the sky was grey, across the lake to the south west, a band of blue sky was visible on the horizon. In the late afternoon the blue gradually turned to yellow as the sun began to set, and by 6 pm the thought occurred that as the sun got lower, it would light the underside of the cloud layer, with the possibility of some colourfull effects. So after a hurried evening meal, I was off down the promenade. It was indeed spectacular as can be seen from the photos above. The whole sequence from the sun appearing from behind the clouds until it was gone over the horizon took only 20 minutes; but they were magical. The following morning the clouds had gone for good and it was all sunshine from there on. 











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