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Garda is 2 miles north of Bardolino, to which it is connected by a coastal promenade. It is a delightful town with a medieval influence, with arches and narrow streets which lead down to the tree lined promenade and the marina. It abounds with cafes, pizzerias, boutiques, and waterside bars. The promenade extends a mile or so beyond the town to a beautiful beach, from which there are spectacular views of the bay. Garda has an ancient charm and a friendliness which makes it one of the most attractive of the Lake Garda resorts. 






We spent a long afternoon in Garda, walking from Bardolino on the coastal promenade. We found it was Market Day, with the stalls extending the full length of the promenade and beyond. In fact it was the same market that we had seen in Bardolino the previous day, and we were able to spend time looking at stalls that we had previously missed. We then walked on round the bay, had a cappuchino coffee , and found a delightful beach. After a short rest we returned to Garda town, exploring the narrow streets and the shops within them, had a pleasant sit down on the promenade, before returning to Bardolino by boat. An excellent afternoon, helped by the blue skies and warm sun.


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